Why Trump supporters are literally dousing themselves in perfume.

Well, well, well. I think it’s time for me to introduce a little game I’d like to call Spot The Trump Supporter When They’re Not Wearing a Make America Great Again Hat.

Sounds hard? Well, for one thing, it shouldn’t be, considering nearly half of those who bothered to vote voted for him to become President so you have about 50/50 shot at getting it right. But ALSO, they’ve just made it stupidly easy.

Like something out of the most confronting of Lynx ads — where teenage boys cover themselves in deodorant on the premise it’ll make girls like them more — Trump supporters are dousing themselves in perfume as a form of protest.

As in, swimming in it, allowing us to smell them from a mile from a mile away.

In light of many big department stories dumping Ivanka Trump’s clothing lines, Trump supporters have voted with their wallet – and their sense of smell – by buying a perfume they have dubbed a “liberal repellent”.

Ugh. Because there’s nothing more annoying than those damn leftie-liberals getting up in your grill about how maybe, probably, definitely locking people out of your country on the basis of race is maybe, probably, definitely, very racist.

Let’s keep them at bay with perfume! That’ll stop their opinions!


Now, Ivanka's self-titles fragrance is sitting at the top of Amazon's top-selling women’s fragrance list.

According to Allure magazine, one of the reviewers wrote: "I really like a soft fragrance, not the kind that comes into a room before you do! The perk of this scent is that it's a liberal repellent as well!!!! Yay!!!!”

Since her father was inaugurated in January, Ivanka Trump’s lifestyle brand has suffered some major blows, with major departments stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Belk dropping her clothing line, while T.J. Maxx employees were told to keep her stuff in the back of their stories.

Interestingly, one eagle-eyed reviewer took to the comments of Amazon to point out that 47 per cent of reviews gave the product five stairs, and another 47 per cent of reviewers gave the product one star, and yet the perfume was still rated 4.7 stars.

"I only want to know if these are "fake" reviews. 47% rated 5 stars and 47% rated 1 star. How can average rating be 4.7 stars?" they wrote.

Fishy, eh?

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