How Ivanka Trump could be the next Princess Diana. Yes, really.

Did you ever think you’d hear Ivanka Trump’s name in the same sentence as the late Diana, Princess of Wales?

According to Mia Freedman, the pair have a lot more in common than fabulous style and a rich family.

So much so, she thinks the businesswoman could be the new People’s Princess.

Mia posed this theory on the first episode of our new US politics podcast Tell Me It’s Going to be OK.

Listen to Mia Freedman and Amelia Lester discuss Ivanka Trump on  Tell Me It’s Going to be OK.

“She’s like the Princess Di of the Trump administration.”

GASP. Is that some kind of blasphemy?

If you’re struggling to see the similarities, Mia expounds:

“She’s like, ‘women who work and I’m meeting with female entrepreneurs’ so it’s this sort of faux female empowerment. She seems to have a job and she’s in the White House and she’s fighting the good fight and she’s got these adorable children.”

Let’s just pause for a second and look at the aforementioned adorable children:


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princess diana memorial
Yep, that's Wils on a pony. Via Getty Images.

Swoon. Now where were we?

Both Princess and First Daughter are roles that, while not strictly jobs, come with a huge set of responsibilities. Attend public events and greet the commoners, keep yourself impeccably styled and groomed, raise delightfully well-behaved children, conduct yourself in such a way that upholds the family name, and, uh, go for long lunches?

Okay, I have no idea what either of these roles really entail, but the impressive thing is the way each of these women hold their own while standing alongside powerful men.

However Mia's co-host and former editor of Good Weekend Amelia Lester does not agree with the comparison.

"In what way? She doesn't do the charitable works that Princess Di was known for," she says.

But many aspects of Ivanka's work with women could certainly be considered charitable. The former model calls herself a 'passionate advocate for the education and empowerment of women and girls.' She supports and champions a number of organisations and even promised to donate the proceeds of her new book to charity.

Despite her scepticism, Amelia can see where Mia is coming from.

"She's appealing to blue collar women because she is sort of living the dream for them, she looks like their idea of a successful woman," the US politics buff says.

Do you think Ivanka is the new People's Princess?

Listen to the full (and very first!) episode of Tell Me It's Going to be OK here:

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