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"I will always love Ivan." Ivan Milat's long term mistress doesn't want him to die.

Update: Serial killer Ivan Milat has been transferred to the Intensive Care Unit of Sydney’s Prince of Wales Hospital. Milat was diagnosed with terminal oesophagus and stomach cancer in May and given three months to live.

Despite seven brutal murders that earned him the name “backpacker killer”.

Despite the gruesome details and horrific methods of torture he subjected his young innocent victims to.

Despite being convicted by a court of law.

Despite never admitting to his crimes and therefore giving the families closure.

Despite the evidence from his family and the courts that he was a depraved psychopath from the start.

Marilyn Milat still loves Ivan Milat.

The former fish and chip worker peered out of her front door in Gosford on the New South Wales Central Coast to tell the Daily Telegraph; “I don’t want him to die, he’s sick, I don’t love him like that, anymore, well … I always will (love him) … I’ve kept the name all these years.”

Milat is currently dying of terminal cancer, after spending 23 years in prison serving seven consecutive life sentences for the murders of Caroline Clarke, 21, Joanne Walters, 22, James Gibson, 19, Deborah Everest, 19, Simone Schmidl, 21, Gabor Neugebauer, 21, and Anja Habschield, 20, between 1989 and 1993.

He stabbed his victims upwards of 14 times, and shot others in the head more times than was necessary to render them dead.

He paralysed them so they could watch him carry out his depraved torture.

He bound them, gagged them and made their deaths drawn out and terrifying.

Police believe he even used one victim as target practice.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to Marilyn Milat-Tempest.

She had an 11 year affair with the serial killer while she was in a relationship with his brother, Boris.


It was the early 1960s and Milat would visit whenever his brother was out of the house for work.

They even had a secret love child, Lynise, who was born in 1965. Marilyn already had two daughters to Boris.

The affair was exposed and Boris forgave her, with the two eventually getting married. They raised Milat’s love child as their own – and she only found out about her true father after he was arrested.

Boris told The West Australian in 2015 about how he took a rifle to Ivan’s home, with the intention of killing his younger brother when he first found out.

He admitted in the same interview he’s looking forward to Milat’s death remarking he “hopes he passes before me”.

Boris and Marilyn’s marriage eventually crumbled and she went on to marry fish and chip shop owner Ken Tempest.

Milat was also married briefly to a teenager named Karen, but she divorced him in 1989 and later described him as “gun crazy”.

Ivan Milat Belanglo Ghost Tour
Karen described her ex-husband Ivan Milat as "gun crazy."

The Daily Telegraph reports, after hearing about their split, Marilyn asked Milat to marry her but he refused.

Her daughter's ex-boyfriend told the publication, "She was obsessed by him. She's never stopped loving him".

Ivan Milat is currently seeing out his last days on this earth in ICU, after serving his time predominately at Goulburn's supermax prison.

He has both oesophagus and stomach cancer and was given three months to live in May.

He's being urged to do one thing before he dies - confess. But those close to him say that'll never happen.

He'll take his side of the story regarding the seven backpacker murders, and the dozens of unsolved cases across Australia he has been linked to over the years, to his grave.