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Australia reacts to the moment Ivan's heart broke on national television.

Australia just witnessed a man forget how to speak and we have never felt more uncomfortable in our entire lives.

Except for, well, last night when Ivan gyrated all over Tenille in front of everyone.

Tenille finally let the terrifying 8-foot (ish) wall of flesh that is Ivan down as gently as possible and we were… afraid for her.

But instead of jumping up and down and causing an earthquake in Paradise, his response was approximately eight years of silence.

Pls, Channel 10, some sort of music here would have been greatly appreciated. (And not the twinkly heartbreak music that followed which he definitely did not deserve).

It was all very awkward.

This was our thought process during their tense conversation:

“From my point of view we need to sort of call it off.”

Silence from Ivan.


Say something.

Please God say something

“Any questions or…?”



This is really uncomfortable.

… Ivan no compute.

It was all followed by some very poorly-executed fake crying in a hammock with a skewiff cap and if we’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: they’ve all seen far too much sun.

Here’s how Twitter reacted:







Until next week, friends.