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'There are parts we didn't show.' What Osher Gunsberg wants us to know about Ivan and Tenille.


Bachelor in Paradise host Osher Günsberg is the first to say that some of the behaviour captured on screen this year was not OK, but he’s still happy it aired on prime time television.

The longtime host of Australia’s The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise said the ethos of the franchise is that they endeavor to capture the action as it happens, filming but never influencing the outcome.

Bachelor in Paradise always ignites a flurry of discussion, but this time around there has been an unflinching spotlight on the behaviour of some of the male contestants on the show, in particular that of Ivan Krslovic who appeared on Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette before arriving in Paradise.

Viewers voiced their rightful discomfort of Ivan’s behavior on the show, where he was at times quite possessive and aggressive in his attempts to isolate Tenille from her fellow contestants. To the point where she had to plead with him to back off and other male contestants on the show were afraid to go near her in case they risked Ivan’s wrath.

While this sequence of events may have been difficult to watch, Osher thinks it was an important storyline to let unfold on national television, while also pointing out that viewers didn’t see every moment of what went down in Paradise.

“We’re telling a story, but there are parts of the story that we are not going to show,” the 45-year-old TV host told Mamamia. “First and foremost we were checking with Tenille at all times, asking ‘are you OK, do you want to continue’? So at all times, Tenille had a choice.

“We didn’t show that because we’re making a prime time television show and there is only so much we can put to air. There is security on set and there is psychological support on set at all times and we showed a bit of that at the time, and we do cover it quite extensively on the upcoming tell-all episode (airing this Thursday night at 10pm on Network Ten).

Viewers voiced their rightful discomfort in Ivan's behavior. Source: Network Ten.

"It was certainly difficult for me to watch and it’s certainly the first time that we as a nation have seen this kind of behavior on TV and had the chance to go ‘hang on a second, that’s really not OK.’ I personally want you to know it was a protected environment and no one was at risk. I know that Ivan is incredibly contrite and he’s seeking help. He has been seeking help and did seek help from the moment he got out. He is very regretful and he really wants other men to learn from this," Osher said.


Despite being at the center of reality TV love stories for many years, Osher said he still has the ability to be shocked by the decisions contestants make on camera.  In the case of this season, he's still surprised that Alex Nation and Bill Goldsmith were able recover after what he calls 'a massive bust-up".

"I was a bit surprised about one," he said. "In all relationships, we can never know what has gone on at 2am, what a couple is whispering to each other across the pillows at night. We cannot judge anyone else's relationships but watching Alex and Bill have that massive bust-up and then come back together, I was not aware what had been said between the two of them or how they were able to get over that but they obviously found a way. On the tell-all episode this Thursday night, we’ll get to all that."

While it was a memorable experience in Paradise for both Osher and the contestants, he said there's one relationship that stands out above all the rest.

"The most memorable moment for me from this season was the sizzling connection between Brooke and Alex," he said. "That we, as a country and as a TV show, could watch these two people get excited and be flirty and go on a date. I can’t even believe that this is the same country that I grew up in, that in my lifetime we've gone from using really awful homophobic slurs in sitcoms, and everybody laughing, to this. It is just extraordinary."

The Bachelor in Paradise finale will air on Thursday, May 2 at 8.40pm on Network Ten. Shortly after the final drinks are served the entire cast will be back for a special tell-all episode from 10pm.

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