The 3 warning signs that Bachelor in Paradise's Ivan is not as nice as he thinks.

Last year, Australia was introduced to The Bachelorette’s Ivan Krslovic.

He was the guy who danced all the time like he was auditioning for a budget version of a Channing Tatum movie.

He was also the guy who attempted to blend two whole avocados – pits and all.

Ivan was immediately painted as a harmless guy. A loveable goofball who wouldn’t get the girl in the end, but who would give us a lot of laughs along the way.

And now Ivan is back on Bachelor in Paradise.

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As soon as he entered paradise Ivan connected Brittney – the woman who liked to start congo lines and talk about her bonds with trees.

It seemed like a match made in goofball heaven.

Until… Tenille.

Tenille, who has been described as a “Byron boho babe” by her fellow bach contestants, entered paradise last Thursday night and Ivan’s attention swiftly diverted to her. He didn’t give Brittney a second thought and instead spent all his time and energy trying to impress Tenille.

In an unlikely turn of events, the pair began hanging out. That’s when we started to see a different side to Ivan. He became possessive, controlling and inappropriate.

The nice guy mask quickly slid off.

Here’s three warning signs that Ivan is not as nice as he thinks:

1. He moved too fast.

Within days of meeting each other, Ivan was expecting serious commitment from Tenille.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Tenille described how Ivan was there when she walked out of her hut in the morning. And he was there until she went back in at night.

“He is so much ahead of where I’m at, that I feel bad for Ivan almost,” she told American Alex.


“He’s like up here and I’m like down here,” she said.

“That makes me think too much, too soon. I’ve been here for four days. Yeah, it’s scary for me.”

2. He became easily jealous.

When Tenille started playing a game with American Alex – tracing words on his back – Ivan sat in the dark and brooded.

“I’m furious, I’m furious, I’m burning,” he told the camera. “I’m seeing red.”

He then approached Alex who told him he didn’t have to worry about him. That he wasn’t a threat.

“You guys spent the whole day together and she’s just trying to get a little bit of space,” he said. “Maybe let her get a little time for herself.”

3. He crossed boundaries.

After speaking to Alex, Ivan went over to Tenille’s hut. He called out her name and when she didn’t respond, he just walked straight in and sat on her bed.

When Tenille walked out of the toilet several minutes later, she screamed.

She told a producer that she didn’t want it to seem like he’d just crept into her room. “Well, he did, he did” the producer replied.

Ivan then apologised to Tenille for coming on so strong.

“You move a lot faster than I do,” she said. “I’m not closed off to the thought of spending time with other people.”

“Do you think we should just rein it in a little?” Tenille asked.

“Nah,” Ivan responded. “I’d rather go all in.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever looked at anyone like I look at you. I love everything about you.”

While Ivan is dressing up his obsession with Tenille as sweet and innocent, alarms bells are definitely ringing for the producers, the audience, and hopefully, Tenille.