It’s SMUG and CRAP time!

Cast your mind back over the past week because it’s time to share your SMUG List & CRAP List. What are you feeling incredibly smug about and incredibly crap about right now? I’ll go first…

SMUG: We made the transition to daylight savings time really well in terms of kids sleeping. So far. Touch wood.

CRAP: I was standing at a sushi train waiting to get takeaway with my preschooler and bumped into an old girlfriend. My child was not thrilled to lose my undivided attention and began to whine. When I ignored that, she escalated into full-blown tantrum and I was THAT MOTHER trying to control her child in public. I tried putting my face close to hers and doing that hissing thing where you go “YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW OR THERE WILL BE TROUBLE” but it just made things worse. Sigh. I always feel like other mothers know exactly what to do in such situations. I never do. I always laugh inappropriately at the absurdity of it.


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