The real reason Ita Buttrose agreed to co-host Studio 10.

Ita Buttrose had a lot of achievements under her belt when she signed on to do Studio 10 in 2013.

She’d founded a little magazine called Cleo. Edited the Australian Woman’s Weekly. Raised awareness of countless charitable causes. Just been named Australian of the Year.

But according to the Australian icon, she still hadn’t ticked off one goal. Because for a long time, she’d wanted her own talk show.

I had always wanted to host a chat show, and it never came to pass, so you tell yourselves it’s not meant to be. And then out of the blue (TV producer) Adam Boland rang up and approached me,” she told Mia Freedman on the latest episode of No Filter.

Listen to Ita talk about it here:

“It was a goal I hadn’t achieved yet, I’m one of those people who like to climb mountains.”

Ita was the first to be signed on to the show, then came Joe Hildebrand.

“They landed me first, and then they thought of Joe,” she said.

“Then they had to find the others, so there were a lot of auditions, lots of women came and tried out. Then they settled on Sarah. And then they had to find the other one. And Jess came back twice…and then at her final audition she was pedalling some line of thought of which we did not agree. And we could not persuade her to our line of thinking, she argued back.” Ita said.


And that was a big tick for Jess.

“We three felt that she really fitted the brief.”

And she sure does.

Since 2013, Studio 10 has continued to grow its audience. But the thing that really gets people there is the chemistry between the hosts.

As Ita said, "We all like each other, there's no bitching on that set, we all get on."

Listen to the full interview with Ita here, she also talks about working with the Packers, the joy of Cleo and... Botox:

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