Isla Fisher has had a change of heart after her Sunrise interview.

Just a day after she said she didn’t like talking about her personal life in interviews, Australian actress Isla Fisher has told a myriad of stories about life with her comedian husband, Sacha Baron Cohen.

Speaking to Nova 96.9’s Fitzy and Wippa, the actress — who just yesterday shut down Sunrise’s questions over her marriage — shared a hilarious story of the time she took her father to visit Cohen on the set of his movie, Grimsby.

“My father is almost eighty, and he came to visit the family in Cape Town, and I invited them on-set to visit Sacha, without checking the call sheet of what they were shooting,” she laughed.

Isla Fisher. Image via Getty Images

"There was a giant elephant vagina. Sacha had his head coming out of it ... I said, 'Dad, get back in the ute'."

When asked by the radio hosts how she dealt with her husband's 'unique' sense of humour, she was happy to divulge that she didn't "bat an eye".

"I’ve always had a sick sense of humour. I kind of like it ... it’s hilarious," she said.

Watch: Isla Fisher on Sunrise yesterday. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Channel 7

Just yesterday, Fisher was reluctant to talk about her husband when asked about him by Sam Armytage and David Koch on Channel Seven's morning show.

"I mean... he's not here doing the interview," was the Great Gatsby star's response.

"I don't like talking about my private life."