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"I got stitched up really hard." The Bachelor's Isabelle was entirely blindsided by her elimination.

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When 29-year-old Isabelle was sent home on Thursday night’s episode of The Bachelorshe was genuinely “surprised”.

The Pilates instructor from Queensland had no indication from Matt that she wouldn’t be receiving a rose, and had been confident that she’d get much further in the show.

The night of the cocktail party, she remembers thinking, “Oh my god I’ve got this in the bag… my odds are so good!”

“Don’t worry girls, I’m not going home,” she recalls telling the other contestants. “And then, you get down to me and Vakoo, and you go ‘Crap. Well… this didn’t go to plan’.”

As for what went wrong, she says she got “stitched up really hard” in the photo shoot group date.

Isabelle Bachelor Australia
Isabelle had to keep her eyes shut as Matt... hovered. Image: Ten.

Isabelle was cast as Snow White, in a shoot with fellow contestants Helena, Nichole and Rachel. While it seemed romantic in theory, it didn't quite end up that way.

"[You're] thinking that you're going to be the leading lady... then you have to lie down on the bench with your eyes closed," Isabelle said.

On the day, she found herself wondering, "how did I manage to get to be leading lady and do nothing?"

She was also very aware that some of the other shoots were far more steamy, commenting that they were just as intense as they looked on TV.

"Some of the other girls went to watch Abbie and Vakoo's one," she said, explaining that the girls reported back that the photo shoot was "a lot".

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As for Abbie and Matt's kiss last night at the cocktail party, Isabelle says while some of the contestants were upset, she was understanding.

"You want to be respectful of other girls, but you want to put your best foot forward and try to make an impression.

"If there is chemistry there and you are feeling it, then heck yea go for a kiss."

She did, however, think Abbie's conversation when she returned was hard to stomach.

"But it is hard when someone does kiss Matt and then comes back and tells you," she said. "Because you're like 'Oh, that's a bit of a punch in the gut. He obviously likes you and not me if he's kissing you and not me'."

Isabelle Bachelor Australia
Isabelle was left without a rose on Thursday's episode of The Bachelor. Image: Ten.

She also was taken aback by the voting system introduced last night, where Osher asked the girls to pick between Abbie and Sogand on who should spend one-on-one time with Matt.

"The voting of other girls, I really didn't like that aspect. Rather than being like 'Abbie won, or Sogand won,' it was like, 'Okay 14 votes for Abbie, ' Like really just driving the knife in and forcing it.

As for who will take home the final rose, Isabelle says she has been "backing Elly from night one".

"She's just so genuine, she's so lovely, she's so kind and considerate. And if Matt doesn't marry her, I will."

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