We're starting a bread revolution.

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I’m calling for a food revolution. No, I’m not taking on the likes of Jamie Oliver (not quite yet), but I am going for more of a home-grown approach.

The last few years have seen us readily and self-righteously abandon our roots, and I am tired of it. Rather than sit back and let a food that is extremely close to my heart get left off grocery lists and mocked at cocktail parties, I’m taking a stand. This is where it ends. That’s right, I’m defending white bread – and here’s why.

1. Sausage sizzles.

Because does any other bread work with a sausage sizzle? The short answer is simply a resounding; ‘no’. One may argue that the sausage sizzle is a cornerstone of Australian society.

It’s what keeps the wheels turning (particularly as far as elections are concerned); it makes us charitable people; and, most importantly, it equalises the nation… How does it equalise? Tell me of one person that looks good eating a sausage sandwich…yeah, that’s what I thought.

The sausage sizzle would not exist if it weren’t for that simple loaf of white bread. That’s a fact.

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2. Any kids party, ever.

While some kids’ parties seem to be costing more than weddings lately - which is too ridiculous to even discuss, something must be said for the parties of yore. Yes, as you may have guessed I’m talking fairy bread. Kids can be some of the fussiest eaters out there, but as soon as you bust out the fairy bread it’s a free-for-all.


A hark back to simpler times, fairy bread is something that even I as an adult still dream about. It’s gone the distance, outlasted trends and still provokes a sense of nostalgia in people of all ages. It’s here to stay. And so is white bread.

3. Versatility.

The humble loaf of white bread is not only what it seems. Where its artisanal counterparts typically serve the singular purpose of being a good slice of toast; the loaf of white bread is the jack of all trades.

While the sourdoughs, soy and linseeds of the world may be more Instagram-worthy, what else are they really good for?

Think about it.

Jaffles, fairy bread, French toast, sausage sizzles, bread crumbs, vegemite toast, high tea, teeny tiny sandwiches, lunch box staples… All are the domain of white bread. The possibilities that come with a single loaf are endless.

We love each and everyone one you. Images: Flickr, iStock.

 4. It’s good for you.

Put down that paleo loaf, sprouted slice or whatever new quinoa invention is out there, because white bread is back.

Wonder Smooth Wholegrain is high in fibre, and is also a source of protein. It combines wholegrain goodness with the taste and texture of white bread. (So far, it’s ticking all the boxes.) Not only that, it has no added sugar or artificial preservatives.

It's time to get back to basics (post continues after video):

5. It tastes GOOD.

While it may seem like I’m stating the obvious by including taste on this list, the simple importance of good taste is too often forgotten. Sure, food trends come and go, but taste is something that will always stand the test of time. White bread tastes good. It’s as simple as that.

I know we’ve all been thinking it for a long while; but now is time to make a stand. It’s time to celebrate the simple, tasty goodness that is white bread. Wonder Smooth Wholegrain, this is your time to shine.

Why do you love white bread?