Is this funny or disturbing? Torn.

For the newborn baby girl who has everything…….except her first pair of high heels.

Heelarious “High Heel Crib Shoes” are soft shoes for newborns aged 0-6 months that look like high heels. The website explains this very odd idea like this:

Britta Bacon & Hayden Porter are childhood friends turned buisness partners. While Hayden was completely obsessed with high heels, Britta wasn’t even sure if she owned a pair.

On her way to her daughter Kayla’s 4th birthday party, Britta was reminiscing about when Kayla was a baby and Hayden’s shoe obsession crossed her mind. She thought to herself “That would have been HILARIOUS if I could have brought Kayla to a party in high heels when she was a baby”. It was at that moment that Heelarious was born.”


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