The universal rules of the 'Girl Code'.

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We’ve all heard of the “Bro Code”.

That much revered set of rules that govern bro-mances. Like “bros before hoes,” ugh.

Or, if you’re in a shout, always pay your share. (Although that one applies equally to women – if your girlfriend shells out for an espresso martini, you better return that favour!)

The group in Sex and The City had their issues, but they knew the Girl Code was sacred. Source: HBO.

But what are the universal codes for women?

Are there rules that ensure the sisterhood has each other's backs?

You'd better believe it.

This week on Mamamia Out Loud, Monique Bowley, Mia Freedman and Kate De Brito break down the rules of the Girl Code.

Here's our suggested list. Feel free to take it to the tattoo parlour:

1. When someone asks you for a tampon you have to scramble to find them one.

2. This also applies to bobby pins and hair ties.

3. No going there with a friend's ex. Ever.

4. Make friends with other girls in the bathroom.

5. Don't knowingly steal another woman's baby name.

6. If your friend is drunk, you have to get her home safe.

7. When you get home drunk, text your fiends to let them know you're safe.

8. If someone says they like your top, you have to 'fess up with where it was from - and how much it cost.

9. If you are charged with taking the Instagram photo:
(a) You can't just take one, you must take many
(b) You must always, always take it from above
(c) You can't post an unflattering photo of a friend, no matter how good you look in it
Always, always take multiple photos, a girl's gotta have options!

10. If you split up with your significant other and they block you on social media, your friend must keep an eye on them and keep you updated.

11. If you spot another girl in an uncomfortable situation with a guy when you're out, you're obliged to approach her and pretend she's your friend, to check everything is okay.

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If a girlfriend breaches the Girl Code, you better ditch her quicker than you can say 'unfollow'.

What use is a girl-squad if they won't Insta-stalk your ex? You don't need someone like that in your life.

Have you ever broken the Girl Code?

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