A producer tells: The truth about the perfect reality TV show 'villain'.

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Pass the champagne, dolls. Because you thought you knew all the producers’ secrets that go into shows like The Bachelor and Married At First Sight?


In a week that Bachelor Blake and Louise Pillidge split, we were feeling disillusioned with the whole LOVE process. BUT THEN, this happened.

The Binge podcast lured in a former producer to break all the codes and tell Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik what really happens behind the scenes of our favourite crystal-glassed, candle-mansioned love fest.

Far out.

Louise and the thorny rose. Oh, and an actual flower. (Image via Channel Ten)

We've masked her identity and given her a fake name so she could answer everything. And she did.

Like: Do they deliberately cast crazy-pants people just to dial up the crazy? Can they tell when someone is on the show for the wrong reasons, and do they cast them anyway? Why do seemingly nice girls lose their frickin' minds at the tiny things? Are contestants edited to look more bitchy/evil/nice/romantic than they really are?

YES and NO. Turns out, producers really care about the contestants. But that doesn't stop them being tricky tricksters who pull stunts that you wouldn't even notice.


Like, she tells us, shoving contestants into dresses that are too small for them, so they split the seams and lose confidence.

And...... ensuring there is always a 'dress up' challenge, and choosing one of the girls to have a butt-ugly dress, standing back, and waiting for the tantrums to fly.

The Gatsby dress-up. Where some women are Daisy and some are just flappers. (via channel ten)


And so many bombshells. Like when it comes to the LEAD characters actually falling in love....things aren't always what they seem on TV.


The full interview has all the kinds of tips and tricks that producers use to elicit tears, and confessions, and a conspiracy theory as to why Tess, of season three, really changed out of her dress and into her flannelette shirt. #neverforget.

The full episode of The Binge is here. And it's a juicy juicy gumdrop of goodness.

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