The deleted Instagram photo that has fans convinced Tara Pavlovic is pregnant.

Tara Pavlovic looks to have us all fooled.

While in the past few months she has appeared to be doing usual influencer things, like going to parties and posting selfies, she has actually been… pregnant.

At this point, we aren’t sure whether the rumours are true, but based on one Instagram post being deleted, we think we have ourselves a case.

Firstly, Natalie Holmberg, who was also on The Bachelor 2017, posted a photo on Instagram in which Tara is either very bloated or pregnant, at Cobie Frost’s baby shower.

Or, you know, trolling us all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

tara pavlovic pregnant
Oh baby. Image: Instagram.

But the photo itself isn't the only suspicious thing.

She then... deleted it, essentially admitting she made a blunder.

Then it gets even weirder.

Tara appears to make an outfit change at some point during said baby shower, because when Cobie posted photos Tara was in a very different dress.


She also isn't wearing shoes (which is an obvious sign she's pregnant... obviously).

However, in this photo she just doesn't... look pregnant. At all.

But then again, Tara posted an Instagram in which she suggests she ate so much she now has a tummy like Cobie's. Which we can all relate to.

But then again... that first photo.

It's safe to say we are all very confused.

Let us present some theories:

  1. Tara has an identical twin who she hasn't told anyone about (who is pregnant).
  2. Tara is bloated because Cobie put on an absolute spread for the baby shower.
  3. Tara spilt some tomato sauce on her dress because Cobie put out sausage rolls, so she had to get changed.
  4. Tara is pregnant.
  5. Tara is trolling us all and laughing as she reads this.

This is a case for the FBI (or at least some very good Insta stalkers).