You either sleep naked or you don't. Here's what's correct.

There are two types of people in this world: People who wear pyjamas to bed, and people who don't. 

You either froth over the prospect of buying cute new Peter Alexander jammies, or you're totally cool with slipping into your sheets every night wearing nothing but your birthday suit.

Which one are you?

It's a controversial subject, we know. Very touchy. 

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If you ask people from team jammies, they'll probably tell you that sleeping naked is fkn gross. Like, there's no kind of barrier between your bits and your sheets? Seems kinda dangerous?? Also, WHAT IF THERE WAS A FIRE???

Those who are on the naked train, often tout stripping down at night as a healthier option because it allows everything to ~breathe~. They'll also talk about how it prevents night sweats, and oh hey - it means you don't need to buy pjs!

So, what's better? 

Well, as it turns out, there's actually a HEAP of benefits associated with sleeping nakey. No, seriously! Science said so.

From a healthy vagina to better skin, let's take a squiz at some of the science-backed benefits of sleeping naked. 

Quality sleep.

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No clothes apparently = better sleep! 

According to a study from the National Institute of Health, getting a good night's sleep depends on what kind of temperature you're havin' a snooze in - and wearing pyjamas can sometimes stuff this up.

If you're sleeping in an environment that is too hot (or too cold), this messes with your dream stage of sleep which is crucial in helping refresh your brain and body. Sleeping naked helps cool your body down, so it knows it's time for sleep (cute!), thus letting you nab that sweet, solid REM cycle. 

Better skin.

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Better sleep can influence a lot of things - namely the health of your skin. 

To give you an idea of just how important good quality sleep is for good skin, a study from the Journal of Applied Physiology looked at whether poor sleep impacted the skin’s ability to heal from a small wound. 

And it did! It really did. It was found that the group that slept well recovered faster than the other two groups - those that are sleep deprived, and those that are sleep deprived with added nutrition. Yep, good sleep beat nutrition... NBD.


So, what does this have to do with sleeping nude? Well, getting quality sleep clearly improves the quality of your skin, and if sleeping naked helps, that's only a good thing, right?


Improved vaginal health.

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Turns out sleeping naked really *does* help your bits 'breathe'. Experts say it's a great way to keep the health of your vagina in check and prevent overheating and things like yeast infections.

Basically, if you wear clothing and sweat in it, this will create a moist environment - meaning more yeast is going to thrive on it.

Sleeping naked then becomes a good way to encourage the all-important air flow at the end of the day, and keep your vagina happy and healthy. Noice!

Increases male fertility.

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Sleeping in the buff can also help promote good genital health in men - including sperm health. Yep - studies suggest a link between wearing tight-fitting underwear and lower sperm count. 

It was found that participants in the study who wore boxers had a higher sperm concentration than those who wore tight-fitting underwear.

Sooo, yeah - it's been suggested that sleeping naked is a great way to keep the ol' testes cool, and at a prime temp for sperm health.

Boost self-confidence.

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Sleeping naked has also been touted as a great way for you to learn to love your body and find a newfound confidence. 

Studies have found that spending more time naked helps boost your self-esteem and overall body image. 

Definitely a win.

Improve your relationship.

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Nudity is usually a thing that happens before sexy time, so OBVS stripping down might mean sex could be on the table more often. For the most part however, sleeping naked with your partner and an increase of skin-to-skin contact, has been shown to improve intimacy in relationships.

Studies have found that couples who engage in some good old-fashioned skin-to-skin contact feel less stressed (!) and closer to their partner because it stimulates the release of oxytocin - a feel-good hormone that plays an important role in building attachment.

Anyone else free ballin' tonight?

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Are you a naked sleeper? Share what team you're on in the comment section below.

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