Pete Davidson's 'wife' sent out a media release. He's not married.

It's been a weird week for Pete Davidson.

In the last few days, the comedian has supposedly launched a new production company, announced his secret marriage to a childhood friend, and even welcomed a baby.

Well, not really.

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Let us explain.

It all started with a fake press release.

On Tuesday, Bodega Cats Presents sent out a press release, claiming they were a new production company founded by a woman named Michelle Mootreddy and her "husband" Pete Davidson.

"Pete and Michelle were childhood friends prior to starting Bodega Cats Presents and are married," the statement read.

The press release also included quotes supposedly from Davidson himself.

"I am really excited to be part of this company and help people get a start in this industry," the quote said.

"I never thought I would do something like this, but I met some of my closest friends doing stand-up, so I felt this was the right thing to do to give back to my community."

On the Bodega Cats website, which has since been removed, both Davidson and Mootreddy were listed as co-founders and co-CEO's of the new production company.

The fake press release was shared across various social media platforms. Image: LinkedIn. 


Afterwards, several media outlets fell for the press release, publishing stories about Davidson's "new production company".

But soon after, the press release was redacted.

"The press release being circulated this morning about Pete Davidson is completely false. Not a word of it is true," Davidson's attorney told E! News.

"Mr Davidson has no idea who this person is. We are investigating and considering all legal and equitable remedies."

Later on, Mootreddy posted a video on the Bodega Cats Presents Instagram page, which has since been removed. In the 10-minute video, they attempted to "clear the air" after the press release was deemed fake.

"There are a lot of questions circulating because we released our first press release today. And yes! Great, awesome right? But unfortunately, we stepped on some toes," Mootreddy began. 

"I want to say that I take full responsibility for that, I didn't do my due diligence. My partner is involved in other projects, and other organisations where this could be a conflict, so it was my fault for not making sure I double-checked with all the appropriate parties before moving forward with the press release."

Following the press release saga, fans noticed Mootreddy had changed their last name to 'Davidson' on Instagram.

They also posted a message signed by "Pete" on their Instagram Stories, seemingly claiming the couple had welcomed a baby together.


"Michelle is good, baby is good, life is good. Sorry if I don't get to your DMs. Don't tell Michelle," the message read.

On Deuxmoi, an Instagram page where users send anonymous messages about celebrities, one user explained they previously worked with someone – presumed to be Mootreddy – who claimed to be married to Davidson.

"Someone I used to work with is saying that she's married to Pete Davidson," the user claimed.

"She never posts any photos with him and the pictures she does post seem to be photoshopped," they continued.

"She changed her last name on all social media platforms to Davidson, has a tattoo of his initials on her ring finger, posts about him all the time, but it feels a bit... far fetched."

Image: Instagram/Deuxmoi. 

At the time of publishing, Davidson is yet to comment on the saga.

The Saturday Night Live star was famously engaged to singer Ariana Grande for five months in 2018.

Since then, the 27-year-old has been linked to actor Kate Beckinsale, up-and-coming star Margaret Qualley, and 19-year-old model Kaia Gerber.

Last month, Davidson spoke to Complex about his recent split from Gerber.

"She's very young, and I'm f**king going through a lot, and it was before I went to rehab," he shared. 

"It's just like, she should be having fun. She shouldn't have to worry about some dude that just has issues and sh*t. She should be enjoying her work."

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