They cancelled Nashville - but is it really gone for good?

Calling all Nashville fans… we need to talk.

On Friday the world became a little darker. US network ABC announced that they would not be renewing our guilty-pleasure country music drama for a fifth season.

No more Rayna. No more Deacon. No more Juliette Barnes.

Our hearts broke. We cursed the TV gods. And we shed a photogenic, Rayna-like tear.

Just a warning, if you aren’t up to date on Nashville, there are spoilers ahead.

Will Maddie ever reconcile with her mother? Will Cash be exposed to be the psycho we know she is? Will Juliette be okay? Will anyone in the entire town ever be happy? EVER?

Rosie and Laura shed a few tears for Nashville on the latest episode of The Binge:

Because it is very likely that the show will end on a massive cliffhanger (hello there, Season One, and Season Two, and, oh, Season Three.)

Considering we have two episodes left before the show ends FOREVER, our guess is, no.

So, WHY did it get cancelled?

While all things were looking as rosy as they could be in Nashville land, it seems that a lot of things were going on behind the scenes of the show.

One of the network heads at ABC who commissioned the show, and was its biggest ally, left. And it seems not many other heads at ABC were that keen to have it. (What is WRONG with you people?)

The woman behind Juliette Barnes, Hayden Panettiere, has gone back into rehab for postpartum depression and wasn’t going to be available for the next season.


And unfortunately Nashville, despite its intensely-loyal cult following, has never been a major ratings winner.

But could it come back? Could it be like Jon Snow? IS IT REALLY DEAD?*

Watch the preview of the first season here:

Video via ABC/Lionsgate

Rumors are, the show is being ‘shopped around’ by its production company Lionsgate. Which means there may still be hope. Maybe.

For the sake of Connie Britton’s hair we hope it’s possible.

In this day and age, a cancelled TV show is not really a cancelled TV show - considering all the streaming networks, Laura Brodnik told listeners on The Binge.

So although Connie Britton herself is Tweeting her broken-hearted farewell, it ain't really over until the red witch cuts your hair and does her magic.


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