How masturbation could affect your skin.

There are plenty of great reasons to masturbate — it can help prevent urinary tract infections, increase pelvic floor strength and improve your sleep. There’s also the various mood benefits.

That’s brilliant news for your health, but what about your beauty routine? We’ve all experienced that post-orgasm ‘glow’, but some experts believe there could be a longer-term impact on your complexion.

In a recent Refinery 29 article, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi claimed sex could combat inflammation in the body, thereby cooling its negative impacts on the skin (which include acne and wrinkles).

“It’s really simple — sex decreases stress, which, in turn, reduces stress hormones in the body, which helps to lower inflammation,” she explained.

Is masturbation good for your skin

No wonder Elizabeth Banks looks so happy in this photo. Image: Universal Studios

Sexologist Eric Marlowe Garrison added these benefits extended to masturbation as well, promoting glowing, radiant skin.

"All the benefits of masturbation are the same as sex, but you tend to be a little more relaxed when you masturbate," he said.

However Dr Michael Freeman, principal dermatologist at The Skin Centre, said any skin benefit from either activity is going to be relatively short-lived.

"There is only a little facial flushing, which would not be much different to a flush from embarrassment," he told Mamamia.

Watch: Tara O shares her tips for a better orgasm. (Post continues after video.)

In fact, this flushing could possibly yield a negative effect if you were to go at it several times a day.

As Dr Freeman explained, "Then, more prominent vessels might be seen long-term."

That's how masturbation or sex might have a bearing on the appearance of your face — but the, ah, less visible skin that's directly involved in these experiences can also be affected. (Post continues after gallery.)


"The skin will be a little thicker and be able to resist friction a little better, so long as the process doesn’t take 'all day' and that the process is stopped if there is any stinging or pain," Dr Freeman said.

Interesting. Very interesting indeed.

On that note — happy Masturbation Month, ladies.

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