The one sign of 'relationship comfort' women reach far earlier than men.

When it comes to relationship milestones, we often think of meeting the parents or even having the first argument.

But as we all know, there’s a lot more awkward firsts along the way.

From the first sleepover to the first, erm, fart in bed, the first few months of a relationship can feel very revealing.

New research from Mattress Advisor has shown exactly how long it takes for men and women to feel comfortable spending the night with their significant other – and the results are pretty surprising.

Speaking to over 1000 people in relationships, Mattress Advisor found that compared to men, women move much slower when it comes to getting comfortable with sleepover habits like sleeping naked, showering with their partner or even wearing a retainer to bed.

But there is one aspect women are much more comfortable with than men.

According to the research, women are more comfortable snooping through their partner’s phone while their partner is asleep.

And men know it too – researchers also found that men were more anxious about their partner snooping through their phone overnight while sleeping at their partner’s house.

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The survey also looked at how many months it took for couple’s to get comfortable with each other.

While it only takes men nearly three months to sleep with their partner naked, it takes women a whole month longer to feel comfortable at four months.

And while men are ready to shower with their partner from 3.8 months into the relationship, women tend to wait until over five months into the relationship.

When it comes to bathroom habits though, these relationship milestones took a little longer on average for couples to reach.

Men were comfortable using the bathroom with the door open at five and a half months while women weren’t comfortable doing so until eight and a half months into the relationship.

And when it comes to letting off gas in bed, men do so at just over five months into the relationship, while women wait a further three months.

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