'I took my newborn to visit friends. Their bizarre behaviour left me feeling horrible.'

The mother of a newborn baby has been left furious and more than a little confused after a friend refused to let her dispose of a used nappy when visiting her home recently.

Sharing the story on parenting chat site Mumsnet, the mother, who is known as Lalunya8, says she visited the friend when her daughter was “about 10 weeks old.” After changing her nappy and putting the dirty nappy in a bag, she says, “I asked my friend’s partner who was near me at the time what to do with the dirty nappy. She sort of laughed and said: “You’re not going to leave that at my house!””

is it okay to leave a dirty nappy at a friends house
Speak now or forever hold your peace. Source: Getty.

According to Lalunya8, the friend has two children of her own.

"At first I thought this was a joke. It wasn't. Then I assumed she must mean to take it to the bin outside, but that wasn't what she meant either."

Eventually, Lalunya8 said, it became apparent there was no simple solution on the horizon, so she took the nappy home with her in the car, dumping it in the nearest bin she passed.

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"Am I being unreasonable to think this is a really strange and unusual attitude?" she asked. "Or am I so lost in baby parent world that I can't see how unreasonable it would be of me to expect my friend to throw my baby's nappy in her bin?"


Wasting no time sharing their thoughts, Mumsnet users chimed in with their opinions on whether or not the friend's request was a reasonable one.

"How ridiculous of her. A wrapped nappy could have gone into the appropriate household waste outdoor bin. I take it that her children never had pooey nappies," one user replied.

"To make you take it home is odd," another agreed.

"Very odd. Wrapped nappy in outside bin, wouldn't think anything of it," one commented.

Others, however, saw Lalunya8's friend's point of view.

is it okay to leave a dirty nappy at a friend's house
Nappy not welcome. Source: iStock.

"I wouldn't have it in my bin either - your s**t your bonus I'm afraid," one parent wrote.

"You don't leave s**t in anyone's house. (What you do in your own is up to you!) I'm surprised you expected to! Outside bin always!"

What do you think? Is it okay to leave a dirty nappy in a friend's bin? Let us know in the comments section below.