10 gross makeup moments witnessed on public transport.

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This morning I watched as a guy on my tram cleaned out his ears with a cotton tip, then proceeded to SMELL IT before tucking it away in his pocket.

After telling the office about my horror, I was bombarded with eye-witness accounts of everything from lipstick application to full on manicures being carried out on public transport.

Yes, for some reason, people have decided that the train carriage is their own personal powder room.

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And we're all divided about whether that’s ok or not.

These are the grossest beauty related things they'd seen (or done!) on public transport - you can be the judge about whether they're crossing the line...

"A lady behind me on the train was clipping her nails and they were flying everywhere. I shuddered every time. REPULSIVE." - Rebecca

"The other day I had the woman next to me pull out a hairbrush and start vigorously brushing her hair. Not only did she nearly elbow me in the face a couple of times, she also left so behind so much hair the seat looked like it was covered in cat hair!" - Brittany

"Filing nails. Gross. (That was someone else, not me!)" - Kahla

"I was on the train once when the person sitting opposite me decided it was the perfect time to have a squeeze of their spots. I was so scared I'd be in the firing line, I gave up my seat to move away!" - Jess

"The other week I saw a woman painting her nails and it freaked me out. I don't particularly like it - the smell is so overpowering!" - Caitlin

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“I was on the train one time, when this woman who was wedged in the middle seat of three (yes, it was squishy) pulled out her eyelash curler, mascara and mirror and proceeded to apply it (with difficulty) between the two of us. I think we locked eyes in her mirror at one point and it was awkward.” - Kimberly


Public transport makeup novice? Try a chubby stick - it's almost impossible to stuff up when applying them - with minimal annoyance to your fellow passengers! (Post continues after gallery)

"All I have to say is hairspray. Hairspray ON A TRAIN. How is this OK? And why didn’t I, or anyone else in the carriage, have the courage to say, STOP?" - Maria

"I'm now a bit ashamed to admit it, but I do file my nails on the bus (NEVER clip) but I think a file is fine - I always do it discreetly..." - Sarah

“While I think applying makeup on any form of public transport is a bit ick (surely you’ve got one minute spare at some point before or after your bus ride?!) I have to admit that one time I was secretly in awe of this woman who applied lip liner and lipstick with such ease it was as though she wasn’t on a bumpy bus. Impressive.” - Taryn

"I actually love watching people put their faces on on the bus. I couldn't pull it off. Liquid eyeliner + bumpy road = NO." - Kahla.

Would you do it?

These are not rare occurrences though. A study in 2013 found that one in three women apply their makeup during their daily morning commute. These women felt comfortable applying lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and foundation in public, but draw the line at fake tan. Thank goodness. A quarter of those surveyed even believed that transport operators should install mirrors to make the job that little bit easier.

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Even Drew Barrymore is a fan. She posted pictures on Instagram showing her applying her makeup on the train last year, with the caption "#commuterbeauty".

CAUGHT! Drew Barrymore paints her nails on the subway. Image via Instagram

Do you put makeup on on public transport? Or have you witnessed it? Tell us your stories...