'It's better than you imagine.' 12 women on whether flying business class is actually worth it.

Anyone who's only flown economy (raises hand), knows that business class has a certain air of mystery around it.

From the in-flight perks to the top-notch meals, and beds where you can actually lie flat, it seems like our wildest dreams are waiting on the other side of the curtain. A heavenly oasis where the snacks are endless, the champagne keeps on coming and you don't have to worry about the person in front of you tipping their chair back when you're trying to eat. 

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But is it really worth the hefty price tag?

To find out, we asked 12 women to share what business class is really like (and word of warning, it will make you want to book a plane ticket ASAP).

"There was orange juice and champagne in glasses before takeoff... It was pretty amazing."

"My first overseas family holiday adventure was business class (the parents splurged big time). There was orange juice and champagne in GLASSES before takeoff, all the constant snacks, a wine list with each meal, PROPER RECLINING SEATS! It was pretty amazing. Plus, there was a chauffeur at the end of each flight to take us to our hotel... I wish I could afford it myself." - Madeline.

"The minute I got my ticket the power went straight to my head." 

"I flew business class a few years ago to LA so around a 14 hour flight. The minute I got my ticket the power went straight to my head. When the flight was boarding, I loudly asked no one, 'Have they called business class yet?' (even though I knew they hadn't). 

"The flight itself was the most comfortable experience. I honestly wish it went for longer. And don't even get me started on the business lounge. I ordered two chef specials PLUS ate from the buffet just because I could. I also had two showers and made sure I sat in every seat to ensure that I landed on the most comfortable choice. I was definitely a pest and everyone definitely hated me 10/10 would do it again." - Emily.

"It’s honestly better than you imagine."

"I’ve been lucky enough to fly Emirates Business a few times and holy heck it’s honestly better than you imagine. Champagne on arrival, the most luxe toilet bag you’ve ever seen, a cocktail menu, proper plates and white tablecloths, food you’d pay for at a restaurant and most importantly for someone like me who can’t sleep sitting up - you get to lie down. Seeing that button with a bed on it excited me the most. It’s definitely one of those pinch me experiences (when you’re used to flying economy)." - Gemma.


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"Someone comes and makes your bed for you when you're ready to sleep."

"It's a wonderful experience. Firstly, the lounge - free food, free drinks, places to work and relax. Then on board: the champagne, the fully reclining seats (someone comes and makes your bed for you when you're ready to sleep), the bathrooms are bigger and nicer, there's space to actually do work and put all your crap, and you're not boxed in by anyone else. Oh and the food is SIGNIFICANTLY better." - Bel.


"I didn't sleep a wink because I wanted to 'take it all in'."

"I flew business class when I was 10. Boujie I know. We had booked on Brunei Airlines business class (which was the same price as economy everywhere else, to paint the picture of the standard we were dealing with in 2003), but then a volcano eruption saw us transferred to Singapore Airlines. VERY FANCY TRANSFER. I had a cocoon chair and ordered about 36 hot chocolates. Oh, and I didn't sleep a wink because I wanted to 'take it all in'. Yes, I was a d**khead when I was 10." - Katie.

"I had to go back to economy... and I felt like I was in a chicken coop." 

"I got an unexpected upgrade at the airport. It was fckn amazing, I was so excited I didn't sleep and I ate about 17 times from Sydney to Dubai. It was so fab however, then I had to go back to economy from Dubai to London and I felt like I was in a chicken coop. And now I get sad knowing what I'm missing out on." - Talia.

"You definitely leave the plane feeling sooo much fresher."

"I was lucky enough to be flown Virgin Australia business class between Sydney and LA for a work trip, which was great because I am notoriously stingy and could never justify it myself. It was AMAZING. It's also ruined all future flights for me, because I now know what I'm missing out on. Right from the beginning you know you're going to get a good experience, because there is a dedicated flight attendant who introduces themselves to you and gives you pre-flight champagne. Amazing. I also think I emptied the entire aircraft of Baileys, because of course. It's free. The food was also soooo much better than I'd experienced in economy... I watched lots of movies, and cried to a few, which was not awkward because no one else could see me in my little pod! I enjoyed feeling 'important', so I'm evidently not great with power... woops.

"Another highlight that most people probably don't consider is entry to the airline lounges. I had a shower at the Emirates lounge in LAX and it was a total game changer. If you can't justify business, you might want to consider paying for lounge entry if it's an option. I've also flown business between Sydney and Melbourne and Wellington and Sydney and both were nice, but I don't think it's really worth the money for domestic or short-haul flights. I'd now totally consider forking out for a longer trip though, because you definitely leave the plane feeling sooo much fresher." - Chelsea.

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"Having the lounge at stopovers is sooo worthwhile."

"100% worth it when upgrading with points and it's always worth paying the extra hundred or so for the flex economy/premium fare if possible. Having the lounge at stopovers is sooo worthwhile and having a shower, edible food, massages, etc. It's life changing. I also got moved to first class en route to LA in 2019 and ended up next to Mel Gibson." - Isobel.

"I drank lots of champagne and watched movies and ate snacks." 

"I upgraded on the day for what felt like a reasonable fee (compared to the full price ticket). I hadn't seen my boyfriend at the time for three months and was flying to see him. It felt like a present to myself and a way to arrive feeling and looking good after a 24 hour journey. I didn't sleep either because I wanted to experience the luxury rather than just wake up at my destination. I drank lots of champagne and watched movies and ate snacks." - Polly.

"The perks are amazing and you feel very fancy, but I’m not convinced that it’s worth the price tag."

"Due to COVID, I had to upgrade to business class to get home and see my family this year. It’s not something that I thought I’d ever do, so I felt super lucky to have the experience. The perks are amazing and you feel very fancy, but I’m not convinced that it’s worth the price tag for the average person. The business lounge was comfy and relaxing, (get to the airport hours early to take advantage of the free food!) and from early boarding to disembarking the plane, you get special treatment - it feels so luxurious. 


"The number one benefit of business class is that the seat folds down into a flat bed. Being curled up in a personal cocoon watching movies was so comfortable that I didn’t want the flight to end, whereas I’m usually counting down the hours. When it comes to the food, it doesn’t matter how many Michelin star chefs help devise the menu - plane food is plane food - so don’t let that factor into your decision." - Arabella.

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"Business class is definitely worth it for international travel."

"Business class is definitely worth it for international travel. I've taken a few of these in my life, some through points, and some through upgrades. What you get in business class varies wildly from one airline to the next. Qantas, Emirates and Air NZ business class are the best ones I've been on. Qantas international keeps the vintage champagne flowing... You're definitely ruined for economy once you've been on business, that sounds really wanky, but it's true." - Siobhan.

"I got to 'celeb' spot and Nick Kyrgios was sitting behind me."

"I have flown business once with Qatar Airways as a little treat myself moment flying back solo from London and it was incredible. Although I got bronchitis just before I left, so I slept the majority of the flight but it was so needed. The stewardess converted my seat into a bed and I could schedule times to eat each meal. The lounges were also amazing (especially to relax and binge watch Younger in between flights). Also I got to 'celeb' spot, if you'd call it that, with Nick Kyrgios sitting behind me." - Karen.

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