Renée Zellweger explains why Bridget Jones is the most misunderstood character in film.

She’s always been the clumsy, endearing kind of character who, on screen, appears to blunder through a long line of accidents and incompetencies.

But is Bridget Jones really as hapless as we all seem to think she is?

Renée Zellweger doesn’t seem to think so.

While chatting with Mamamia’s Entertainment Editor Laura Brodnik during her trip to Australia, Zellweger said she felt Bridget Jones could be one of the most misunderstood characters in film.

And our tendency to under-estimate her comes from the fact we have unprecedented access to the inner-workings of her brain.

“It’s always been pretty obvious that she’s self-reliant and that she can get things done. It’s just fun that we are privy to her inner dialogue about her imperfections and her anxieties,” she said.

More than that,  Zellweger believes that it’s Bridget’s inner dialogue that makes her so relatable. We can all recognise that self-talk and decision making process in ourselves.

“It’s about recognising when you are in the middle of an escalating disaster that you cannot stop or  do anything about, that’s what’s so relatable.

“We get on with it, we do what we have to do, but at the same time we recognise our own short-comings. And we all have our own anxieties – I think that’s what people recognise in themselves in her.”