The Bachelor's Keira tells Kyle and Jackie O the last time she had sex.


Now that Keira has left the building, The Bachelor will never be the same. Thankfully, we’re still able to get out Keira fix as she’s doing the rounds after being booted mid-date by Richie on last night’s episode.

While she’s been busy talking about the real villains of the house, Keira also made a stark confession to Kyle and Jackie O: the show is responsible for putting her ‘out of action’.

She's out of the house, so has Keira found love since Richie? Image via Channel 10.

Yep. The 29-year-old revealed she hasn't been intimate with anyone since March.

"I haven't had any action since March," she told the breakfast co-hosts.

"I can't believe I told you that. What is wrong with me? I feel like I've forgotten what it's like. Is this getting inappropriate?" she laughed.

The confession came after the former contestant played a game of 'Shoot, Shag or Marry' with Jackie O, insisting that she would "definitely" shoot Richie. Ouch.

Keira wasn't so lucky on her second single date with Richie. Image via Channel 10.

She also revealed she didn't get a chance to really get to know Richie and admitted she "definitely...would have eaten him alive."

"I just like someone who's really confident, ambitious and who can have an ACTUAL conversation," she said.

Flashback to Keira and Richie on the dance floor. Post continues after video.

Video via Channel 10

Keira also said she was the one who brought up the issue of her leaving the house, asking Richie if he even liked her after their awkward attempt at a relaxing yoga date.

"I initiated the conversation. [I was] very aware of what was going on," she told Kyle.

What are we going to do now our favourite teeth-licking villain is gone?