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Bachelor In Paradise's Tara may have a boyfriend and is anybody actually single on this show?

We’re starting to feel a little bit ripped off by this year’s Bachelor In Paradise.

All we wanted to see was a bunch of hot, single people hooking up while wearing minimal clothing, is that too much to ask?

Apparently it is, because the chances of that happening are becoming less and less likely by the minute amid reports that some of the contestants already have partners.

And the latest one to add to the taken list is Tara Pavlovic.

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According to Woman’s Day, as reported by Daily Mail, Tara, 28, has a “secret boyfriend”, who she kept hidden from the show’s producers, possibly in some dark and dingy basement dungeon.

The secret boyfriend even has a name. It’s apparently Ben Kelly – the brother of former Bachelorette star Sian Kelly.

At one stage, Tara was even desperate to get Ben on the show, presumably so she could ditch the others and go off and have an all-expenses paid holiday in Fiji with her incredibly buff boyfriend.


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And we could probably handle it if Tara was the only Bachelor In Paradise contestant in a committed relationship, but the flies keep dropping, and if we’re being completely honest, it probably won’t make for a very compelling series at this rate.

I mean, no one wants to watch a bunch of monogamous hot people sitting around talking.

According to TV Week, Brett Moore and Stephanie Boulton started dating before they even made it to Paradise, Florence Moerenhout has already confessed to hooking up with Jake Ellis prior to filming the show, and Jarrod Woodgate has apparently been dating Keira Maguire (though to be fair, they may have met on the show).

Is anybody actually single in this mind trap? Osher – man of all things Bachelor-related – if you’re reading this, we need answers, stat.

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