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After teasing their "baby news" on Instagram, Ali and Taite shared the truth on The Project.

One week on from The Bachelorette finale, Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley are already being swamped with countless pregnancy rumours.

But it’s not just tabloid magazines adding fuel to the fire, it seems Ali and Taite themselves are more than happy to play along with the rumours, too

Earlier tonight, both Ali and Taite teased their upcoming “baby news” announcement on their Instagram Stories.

“Back on The Project tonight addressing the baby news,” Taite wrote on Instagram.

Taite even went as far as to share a photo of a pregnancy test.

taite and ali
Image: Instagram.
taite and ali
Image: Instagram.

But after hyping up the pregnancy speculation on social media throughout the afternoon, Ali and Taite were quick to dismiss the rumours that they're "expecting twins" when faced with the question on The Project tonight.

"I didn't know I was pregnant, that's news to me," 32-year-old Ali told The Project hosts.

"We're definitely not pregnant," she added.

When asked if the rumours upset them, Ali said "not at all".

"They're just rumours, we're up here enjoying our lives and everyone is talking about us," Taite added.

"I mean, I didn't even know [about the rumours]."


Ali previously denied the pregnancy rumours in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O yesterday.

"It's a surprise to me if I'm pregnant," Ali told the radio hosts.

"I've read that I have twins, so that's really exciting," she joked.

On The Bachelorette, Ali made it clear that her goal was marriage and children.

Although runner-up Todd King had the same life goals in mind, Taite wasn't so sure.

"The one thing that scares me is your timeline, I can't commit to that," Taite told Ali on their final single date together.

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