Netflix has released a new movie with the sole purpose of making us cry.

Guys, Netflix has done a thing.

It’s made a movie with the sole purpose of making us cry.

It’s like the streaming service went to their little movie making machine and typed in ‘A Fault In Our Stars‘, ‘Diversity’ and ‘Christopher Walken’ and this is what popped out.

The film in question is called Irreplaceable You and yes, as the title suggests, it’s a romantic drama that doesn’t have a happy ending… not even for Christopher Walken.

The movie follows Abbie and Sam, best friends from childhood who are engaged to be married.

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Abbie and Sam have never spent a day apart and they’re planning to spend the rest of their lives together… but then Abbie discovers she has terminal cancer.

After hearing her diagnosis Abbie decides to find a replacement wife for her fiance.

This, of course, is a terrible idea and it never actually happens. Sam doesn’t want a new wife and Abbie realises after interviewing a bunch of possible replacements that she doesn’t actually want to go through with it.

Abbie also joins a support group led by a guy named Mitch (Steven Coogan). There she meets Myron (Christopher Walken) and they form a friendship because… Christopher Walken.

If all this is sounding a bit familiar to you, you’re not alone. This movie is basically a mash up of A Fault In Our Stars, a book by Colleen Oakley called Before I Go, and every movie Christopher Walken has ever starred in.

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It’s not original and it’s definitely not groundbreaking.

But none of that matters.

Irreplaceable You delivers exactly what it promises – a dramatic, yet sometimes funny, easy-to-watch movie.

It’ll warm your heart, it’ll definitely make you cry, and it might just make you appreciate the people in your life just a little bit more.

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