NEWS: Adorable dad made his premature baby a superhero costume.

iron man suit for premature baby
(Photo: YouTube)

Eric Hart’s baby son Collier has spent his entire life in hospital.

The little North Carolina boy was born prematurely in July, and his dad thought his brave little son could use a little extra strength.

So when Halloween rolled around, there was only one costume Eric thought would be appropriate: a teeny, tiny, red-and-yellow Iron Man suit.

Eric, who works as a prop maker, uploaded a video to YouTube showcasing the result —  and it’s predictably going viral, having racked up 390,000+ views in just a week.

Take a look:

Not familiar with the Iron Man story? We weren’t either, but we gather the Marvel Comics character became a superhero after suffering a severe chest injury, and creating an armoured suit to survive and escape creativity.

In short, the suit is adorably, geekily symbolic.

We’re tempted to make a pun about how Eric is the real superhero, but instead we’ll just award him all the dad points.

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