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Sponsored post: I have had an iron deficiency for a long time (years) and I’ve tried lots of different iron supplements, none of which I’ve stuck to for long. After some blood tests during my annual checkup last year showed my iron stores off-the-chart awful, my doctor suggested I try this new iron supplement called Spatone.

So I bought it from the chemist and I did. It comes in a sachet, is a clear liquid and you put it in a glass of water to drink each day. Tastes a bit iron-y but it’s the only iron supplement I’ve ever stuck to. I’ve been taking it for about six months now and telling my friends to try it and then out of the blue, Spatone contacted Mamamia about wanting to sample Spatone to Mamamia readers. Quelle happy coincidence!

To tell you more about how it works, I’ve asked MM product guru Tammy to explain:

We all know how important iron is in our diet and if you have ever been iron deficient you know the sheer exhaustion and lethargy that goes with it.  But did you know all these important facts about Spatone?

  • it is the only iron supplement on the market that is 100% Natural and in easy to take liquid sachets

    New supplement: Spatone
  • it has been clinically tested to be non constipating
  • it has an effective high absorption rate of up to 40% so you don’t need to take really high doses of it. 1-2 sachets a day is the recommended daily dose

You  don’t even need to be anaemic to feel the effects of low iron – those people particularly at risk are pregnant women, menstruating women, vegetarians, teenagers and the elderly. But sometimes you can just be regular you and feeling low in energy.  You would be amazed at what a little Spatone can do for you in terms of increased energy levels.

All you have to do is drink 1-2 sachets before breakfast every morning for one month and you will be amazed at the noticeable difference in energy levels.

Imagine having all the energy that you need to get through the day EASILY? – the things that you could do, the meals that you could make, the work that you could get done, the marathons you could run, the masterpieces you could paint, the oceans you could swim, the games you could play with the kids.   Alright I may have got carried away but that is just because I took my Spatone this morning – I’m feeling energised.

What do you wish you had the energy to do?

Okay – now your turn to try Spatone.  We want 50 women between the ages 25 and 45 who are tired (does anyone NOT fall into this category? Anyone?) We want you to try this amazing supplement and come back to Mamamia to tell us all about it.  Seriously easy and all you have to do is drink one sachet once a day – and then after a month post your feedback – nothing to lose energy to gain.

All you have to do to enter is complete the form below before 22 October 2010.  We will select 50 people to trial the product (delivered to your door) then you can come back and leave your feedback and we will meet again on Mamamia to discuss the outcomes.  Easy huh? You cool? Let’s go

Entries for this offer  are now over.  Thank you everyone for your tremendous support. The 50 people chosen for the trial will be receiving their samples shortly

Even if you are not interested in trialling the product – let us know if low energy and iron levels are a problem for you…..

Please note that none of the above information should replace a medical consultation. If you are severely anaemic or you are at all worried about low energy levels please consult your doctor.