Your iPhone now has a sneaky folder called 'selfies'.

I’m going to prelude this by saying: I’m a tech dud. If technology was the magic, I’d be the squib (get me, Potter people?). I just need to look at a computer to make it malfunction. So, all of you Apple-obsessed tech-heads, I know this realisation about iOS 9 probably came to you long before it did to moi. Shoosh.

I’ve just noticed that my iPhone is doing something weird. More than weird, actually. Bloody annoying. And I’m not just talking about the way it mysteriously sucks songs that I’ve downloaded back into the “cloud”. (Don’t EVEN get me started on that one…)

The cycle of difficulty. By me.

It’s something new.

My phone was running out of storage, as usual. If I can’t store 4000 photos on my phone, where can I even put them?! (Tech-heads, that was a RHETORICAL QUESTION. Still shoosh.) So I went to delete some of the hundreds of videos of my robotic vaccum cleaner, and what did I discover?

My phone had created a sneaky folder called “Selfies”. Whaaaaat?

Me, essentially.

The folder cannot be deleted. If I delete a photo from the Selfies folder, it also gets deleted from my Camera Roll folder, and thus deleted entirely from my life.

How much storage is Kimmy K’s secret folder taking up?

From what I can tell, photos that are taken with the front camera are automatically saved to this Selfies folder, as well as the usual Camera Roll folder, as the My Photo Stream folder if I’m connected to wifi. Triples of everything. And a Screenshots folder, saving a double of every screenshot I take.


481. Vanity FTW.

The most insulting thing is, I never realised I was so vain, until Apple pointed it out for me. Thanks for that, guys. Nothing like 481 stored selfies to make you feel like an absolute tool.

Okay, tech-heads. This is your chance. How do I stop my phone from embarrassing me with vanity, and from saving triples of every photo I take?

If your solution is “take less selfies”, then thank you Captain Obvious, and shoosh very much.

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