Everyone's saying Apple will change the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Since the beginning of smartphone time, the humble headphone jack has been a universal feature on all kinds of phones, Walkmans and things that play sound.

But in news set to disrupt our phone use as we know it, rumours have been circulating that Apple are planning to remove the headphone jack on the newest model, the iPhone 7.

According to Anzhuo, sources from the supply chain have suggested the 3.5mm headphone port will not feature on the new phone.

Instead, users may be given wireless headphones to use, rendering all other wired headphones completely useless.

Helpful iPhone hacks you didn’t know about:

Yes, it will save us from spending six minutes untangling our headphones after we’ve retrieved them from our pocket. Yes, Apple are the leaders in innovation and this is most likely a logical step forward for smartphones in general.

But people don’t like change, Apple. And ditching all our old headphones is mildly inconvenient. So, on behalf of everyone Apple, we’d like to say we’ve had it up to HERE (waves hand theatrically above head) with your changes to the iPhone.


Please stop.

First there was the fact that you made the charger jack smaller than previous models for the iPhone 5.

Then there’s the fact that iPhones no longer fit snuggly in our jeans. Instead we have to pop it in our bags.

iPhone headphone jack
Why do the things you love like to hurt you? Source: iStock.

Apple, we don’t mean to get mad. Really we love your user-friendly interface and clever features.

But we also love our headphones. So if we can find a way for both the wired and wireless varieties to feature in the iPhone 7, we promise to reduce our whinging about the battery life and its susceptibility to a cracked screen.