Apple releases new magic case that charges your iPhone, insists it isn't a 'hump'.


Apple have finally heard our desperate cries and created a case that can charge your iPhone.

It’s great. Really it is.

Only, people immediately starting referring to the battery bulge on the back of the new case as a ‘hump’, and, well, the name has stuck.

Chief Executive of Apple recently spoke to Mashable to clear up this pesky misconception however, explaining helpfully “You know, I probably wouldn’t call it ‘the hump.’”

Unhelpfully, his answer doesn’t actually offer any alternative name for the case, and also doesn’t provide any explanation as to why the iPhone itself can’t just have a better battery life.

iPhone battery 2 720547
It’s not a hump OK?? Source: Apple Store

Nonetheless, the humped-back phone (which we’ll refer to as a ‘slight bulge’ from here on out out of respect), is actually practical.

Just look at this video tutorial of the slight bulge:

Video via AppleInsider

Unfortunately, despite Cook’s best efforts, people just aren’t taking the slightly-bulgy case seriously.


Despite this, due to Apple’s trendsetting ways, I’m fairly sure it will soon be considered cool to have a hump on your phone and people will start purchasing stick-on humps for their phones to keep up with the trend.

You heard it here first, Smartphone makers.