The quick fix for when your iPhone's App Store won't load.

Hail the iPhone Gods, you no longer have to worry about not being able to download Instagram to see what your friends are having for breakfast. Phew.

If you have ever had the panic moment where you cannot get your App Store app to work, an iPhone genius, Zachary Drayer, has found a solution to your problem.

If that little App Store app won't cooperate.

When your App Store app is being difficult, Drayer explains that you need to do something with your phone called 'clearing the cache'. Ultimately this means resetting your app.


To do this you need to tap on the same item in the App Store 10 times. So, you need to press on 'Favourites', 'Top Charts', 'Explore', 'Search', or 'Updates'.

Tap on one of these 10 times.

Tap on your chosen word 10 times and the cache will clear, your App Store will reset. You will see a blank screen initially and then your App Store should be good to go.

Back to seeing what everyones eating today.

Do you know any clever phone tricks or hacks?

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