The first hilarious video from Those Two Girls is finally here!

I am the world’s most suggestible traveller. A travelling sponge. When I visit a foreign country, I immediately absorb the pronunciations, accents and customs of the locals. While there, this helps me effectively integrate into daily life instead of being a tourist (I’ve never understood the appeal of visiting touristy attractions and doing touristy things because you just end up hanging with other tourists. Is it just me?).

Upon my return, however, these little affectations and pronunciations can make me come across like a pretentious wanker. And nobody wants that.

Lise and Sarah from Those Two Girls know what I’m saying.

BEHIND THE SCENES: Late last year, my friend Bec Sparrow told me about these two girls in Brisbane. “Those Two Girls,” she said. “They’re brilliant.”

“These two girls? Which girls?”

“No, Those Two Girls”.

“Wait, what girls? Who?”

I was confused. It doesn’t take much.

“They’re two friends, both in their early thirties who do this comedy thing together and they host events and do their own live shows and you need to know about them.”

I always listen to Bec. She’s my oracle. She’s written a series of books for girls, answering their questions and helping guide them through the fraught years of primary and high school and I’ve decided to send my daughter to go live with her from the ages of say 11-15. That should about do it.

She is thrilled about this as she already has three children at home who are under seven.


Anyway, so when Bec told me about Those Two Girls, who are actually called Sarah and Lise (rhymes with please), I went snooping around and checked them out. We met on Skype while I was sitting in the car line waiting to collect my daughter from school one afternoon in December and we talked about working together.

When I went to Brisbane to launch Bec’s book a couple of weeks later, I met them in person as they’d offered to host the evening. They’re very tall.

There is something about the connection they have with one another; their humour and irreverent take on the world hooked me immediately. So, we decided to make some videos.

Today’s video (above) is the first in a regular series of content from Those Two Girls about life — suburban life, life as women, mothers, wives, girlfriends.

Watch this space.