SEX DIARIES: 'After interviewing an apprentice mechanic, I invited him into my bed.'

I was in the last year of my journalism degree when we had to write an article for the uni newspaper. My story was on apprenticeships, so one afternoon I went down to my local petrol station looking for a young mechanic to interview.

The owner of the garage was super nice and keen to help me out. Yelling across the workshop floor, he called his trainee over to have a chat. 

And holy hell, he was hot. 

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Peering out from under a bonnet, he had thick, dark brown hair, the bluest eyes I’d ever seen and big arms bulging out of a black t-shirt. Wiping his palms down oil stained pants, he walked around the car towards us.

After a quick introduction, Adam said he would be happy to help, and I fired off my questions about life as an apprentice. He’d just turned 18 and was so shy, it was adorable. 

I knew I had to have him. 

At home that night, I typed up his answers into my article, flicking back to the photos I’d taken of Adam after the interview. Posing under the hood of a truck and leaning across the engine, he was so sexy without even realising it. 

Hovering my fingers above the keyboard, I put his name into Facebook and it came up with half a dozen mutual friends. It turns out he’d gone to the local high school and, while he was a few years younger than me, we had friends in common – mostly those who went to a nightclub by the beach every Saturday. 

With only a minor hesitation, I hit 'add friend'. 


Within half an hour, he’d accepted, and I fired off my first message. 

"Thanks so much for the interview today," I typed. "It was fun meeting you." INSERT WINKY FACE. 

He replied instantly, and the flirting took off. Gentle and timid at first, but once I’d got him warmed up, he was anything but vanilla. 

I told him I was going to the nightclub this Saturday night. 

"I’ll be there," he said. 

All dressed up and buzzing off pre-drinks, I nervously queued with my friends outside the club. Inside, with eyes peeled through the haze of the smoke machine, I caught sight of him at the bar. 

Striding across the dance floor in my tight black dress and heels, I walked up to him to say hey. In a white t-shirt and jeans, with a big smile on his face, he was even cuter than before, and looked happy to see me. Glancing down to his big hands, heat rushed through my body. I needed them on me now. 

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We stood chatting for a while until the band started back up and it became too hard to hear. Telling Adam I’d find him later, I disappeared into the crowd, looking for my best friend. Perfectly aware his eyes would be on me, we moved onto the dancefloor, shaking our bodies to the music. 

Sometime later, I spotted Adam with his friends and asked if he wanted to get some air. Leaving the club, we walked towards the beach, before stopping to sit on the grass nearby.

Angling my body towards his, my bare legs bent to the side, I leaned forward as he kissed me. With big full lips, he was soft and gentle yet hungry for more, as his huge hands ran down my shoulders and across my boobs. 

Not caring who might see, I climbed on to his lap. It wasn’t difficult to picture riding him. A bulging lump grew in his jeans as Adam hardened beneath me. Without control, my hand moved down his body until it found the zip. Tugging it, I freed him from his jocks and gasped in shock. 

Adam had the thickest c**k I’d ever seen. It was big and beautiful, with so much girth I couldn’t even imagine how it would fit. There was just so much to it. 


Pushing my g-string to the side, Adam used his broad fingers to warm me up while I played with him, feeling him in my palms and getting used to his size. 

I teased the tip of his penis with my wet lips, as I ever so slowly slid down his thick shaft. 

I had barely taken him all in when suddenly I heard my name ring out across the park. 

"We’re leaving now," my best friend shouted from a waiting car, the engine still running but, fortunately, the headlights were off. "Come on, let’s go!"

I looked down at Adam, so reluctant to leave when I needed so much more. 

Kissing him on the mouth, I left him with an invite. 

"Come to mine next weekend. I’ve got the house to myself."

By 9pm that Friday, Adam was lying on my bed. Those big soft lips covered mine, as his large fingers worked their way into my underwear. 

By the time our clothes were off, I was soaked with anticipation as Adam rolled on top of me. Gazing down, he slowly pushed himself inside, inch by inch, as I wriggled and adjusted to take him all. 

For such a shy apprentice, he certainly knew what to do.

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