The International Women's Day lunch that's being held at a men-only club.

This Friday the LNP is hosting an International Women’s Day luncheon in Brisbane, at a venue that only allows men to join as members.

You can’t make this stuff up…

This Friday, the Liberal National Party is holding an International Women’s Day lunch in Brisbane.

The event, which was organised by LNP Women,  is being held at place called Tattersall’s Club, which just happens to be a club that only allows men to be member.

Yep, for women to enjoy the facilities they must be invited as guests of one of the male members.

LNP women celebrating International Women’s Day last year. Image via Facebook.

An LNP spokesperson told The Brisbane Times that the venue was chosen simply “on the basis of availability, price and flexibility in a CBD location.”

“Nearly half of the LNP’s 14,000 members are women and this event aims to discuss and promote the involvement of more women in politics at all levels,”

Event organiser Peta Simpson also told AAP: “I don’t think that we’re being discriminated against because we can’t be members of a men’s club, the same way I don’t think women are being discriminated against because they can’t join the men’s basketball team.”

Although the venue seems a baffling choice, Prime Minister and Minister for Women Tony Abbott apparently failed to see the irony.

“Obviously they’ve now broken down the last barrier and they’ve made the men only club admit women. Admit women!” he said.

“I say congratulations and thank God that bastion of old fashioned chauvinism has finally collapsed like the walls of Jericho at the trumpet cry of the Liberal and National party.”

Doubting Tony’s commitment to women? Us too. Mia Freedman: “I gave Tony Abbott the benefit of the doubt on women. I was wrong”

But Bill Shorten saw it a different way…

“The LNP will host its International Women’s Day event at a men’s only club in Brisbane. As the Minister for Women, does the Prime Minister think this is right?”

Prime Minister and Minister for Women, Tony Abbott, applauded the members of his party for their venue selection.

International Women’s Day is on March 8.