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People are sharing the best stories of karma coming back to bite someone.

They say revenge is a dish best served cold, but there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing someone who’s just treated another person appallingly, getting what they deserve.

And it’s even better when you get to witness it first hand.

On a recent Reddit thread, people have shared their best instant karma stories, and they’ll have you fist-pumping the air in delight.

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One Redditor revealed they once witnessed a road rage incident where a man got out of his car at a red light, went to the driver’s door of a minivan and yelled at the window for a minute. When the light turned green, he went to get back in his car, but his door was locked, and he was stranded.

Another recalled an incident when they were driving home late one night on the freeway.

“There was no one else around, except one car coming up behind me super fast. I expected him to pass me, and he did, but then he cut me off really hard (for seriously no reason other than to be a dick) then sped off. I literally throw a hand up and look around like “WTF did anyone see that s**t?” and a highway patrol guy pulls up next to me, salutes, and chases after him with his lights on. I saw them pulled over a few miles down the road.”

One Redditor’s dad stopped paying his university fees without telling him. It meant that he couldn’t enrol in any classes and he had already signed a six month lease. Luckily, when his father gave him a measly $5 scratchie at Christmas, he won $30,000 on it.

"A highway patrol guy pulls up next to me, salutes, and chases after him with his lights on. I saw them pulled over a few miles down the road." Image via iStock.

One guy wrote: "I'd been seeing a girl for a while, maybe a year. She comes over saying 'she has to talk' and we have the talk that she doesn't really love me and that she has been and is seeing someone else. Not gonna lie it broke my heart. She was cold about it, which made it worse to me.


"On her way home the guy she cheated on me with dumped her because he was going to marry his other girlfriend. I found out when she drove back to my house to beg me to take her back."

Um. Woah.

Another Redditor witnessed karma in action when a man who laughed at him for looking both ways on a one-way street collided with a bike that was going the wrong way.

While others learned a little bit about life when karma hit back at them personally.

One person commented that they once stole $2, and put it in a vending machine, only for the vending machine not to dispense their treat.

Another person took two newspapers out of a newspaper box instead of one, only to get their shirt caught in the machine as they tried to walk away.

And one Redditor learned that it pays to do good deeds when he gave his uneaten chips to a woman at an airport.

"When we get to the main lobby for our flight, lo and behold, who do we see? Yup, that same lady. She was in the main kiosk as a flight agent, and she let us know she gave us a comp upgrade to business class. That was the first time I had ever flown business class."

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While another person who handed in a wallet with $500 cash was given a $100 reward for their good deed.

Have you ever witnessed instant karma? 

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