The polarising Instagram feature that's turning us into horrible, horrible humans.

Guys, Instagram… well, they’ve done a thing.

It’s called Superzoom and it’s turned us into horrible, horrible humans.

If you have no idea what we’re on about, UPDATE YOUR APP RIGHT NOW. Your world, friend, is about to change forever.

Basically, the new feature which rolled out earlier this month does, well, it does exactly what the name suggests – super zooms in on things and puts ominous DUN DUN DUN music behind it to create a hilarious and horrifying video.

For your viewing pleasure, an example:

OH GOD. Image: Supplied.

Aaaahhh! you cry. Finally, an explanation as to why you've been hearing 'something dramatic is happening' music everywhere you go.

Pretty much everyone is using it, for both good and evil. Colleagues in boring meetings. When you see a guy picking his nose on the bus. To annoy your mum while she's watching the news.

You might even be being superzoomed at this very moment.

But just like anything new, The People are divided. And we agree, there are pros and cons to being able to zoom in on people's faces.

The pros: it's bloody funny.

The cons: Seeing your face, chins and all, in far greater detail than necessary. Constantly looking over your shoulder before pulling that wedgie out of your bum. Privacy violations.

And all the inevitable workplace harassment claims like the ones our Head of HR will no doubt have received after we bullied our colleagues with Superzoom in the Mamamia office.

(Check it out in the video playing above.)

So go ahead, give it a try and tell us what you think. Best thing ever? Or spawn of Satan?

But be warned... we 100 per cent do not recommend using this feature on front cam.

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