Tiny baby vs everyday objects photo series, so adorable we can't even.

This is Alexandra, a tiny tiny baby.

When her mum, Jen, was pregnant with her doctors noticed she had a condition called circumvallate placenta. This is where the placenta implants irregularly and takes up more than half of the space in the fetal sac and obstructs the growth of the baby.

Jen was induced at 37 weeks and at birth Alexandra was 47 centimetres long.

Jen, in those days of tiny babyness, celebrated her daughter’s arrival by sharing photos of her on placed against everyday objects.

Like a bag of Doritos.

Baby versus Doritos. #WeeBabyVs

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These days, Alexandra is a healthy, happy, growing baby. She’s pulling to stand up and will turn one soon.

“Hey, Mama. I’m just standing here all casual like.” A photo posted by herewegoajen (@herewegoajen) on

Photos courtesy of @herewegoajen

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