According to Gen Z, these are the 5 new rules of Instagram.

After the whole skinny jeans and side part debacle, you're probably sick of Gen Z telling you what's in and out of fashion, and well, we don't blame you. But since we're a generation that enjoys sharing our thoughts, we're back for more.

Over the past few years, influencers have curated the perfect feeds on Instagram. They've used certain filters and uploaded photos in a specific order to paint a highlight reel of the picture-perfect life.

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But in 2021, that's all changed. 

Over the past few months, we've noticed a new set of unwritten rules emerging on Instagram. And they go against everything we've come to expect of the app.

From photo dumps to "casual posting", here are the five new rules you need to know about.

1. No filters.

Friends, it's time to delete the many editing apps we've downloaded over the years; because in 2021, it's all about "casual posting".

The trend, which actually started on TikTok under the tag by the same name, is all about making your Instagram feed look a little less curated and a little more 'messy'. 

Think very raw images that might've only had the brightness tweaked, like these below.


We have a feeling this trend will be popular this year because it feels more relatable to followers. 

After so many years of seeing ultra-curated feeds, it's a sweet relief to see their photos looking more like real life (or what we assume their real life looks like). 

We're into it.

2. Use photo dumps.

This next trend follows a similar vein to the one above. 

Photo dumps are basically where you take a collection of your raw images (usually including pretty locations, food and outfit pics) and pop them into one post. For example, if you took plenty of photos over the weekend or on your trip away, pop them into one post for your followers to see what you've been up to. No need to worry about the order either, because life doesn't happen in an order - right? Think of it like a visual diary.

And of course, don't add filters!


3. More self-timer pics, fewer selfies.

Selfies are great and all but have you tried the self-timer? 

In 2021, you'll definitely still see selfies here and there (if there's good lighting, it would be a sin not to take one) but you'll find more people are gravitating towards the self-timer. It makes photos look a teensy bit more candid and allows you to fit more in the frame.


4. Stay informed by reposting news stories.

These days, Facebook is no longer the sole place to find news - Instagram is just as important.

Over the past year, news-focused Instagram accounts have become increasingly popular (@shityoushouldcareabout and @thedailyaus are great examples) because Gen Z wants to be informed about what's going on in the world at any given time. They also want to keep their audience informed.

So you'll notice many of your favourite influencers (or even your friends) are following these informative accounts, reading their posts and resharing them on their Instagram stories.

5. Post in multiples.

While many of us used to take hundreds of photos and then narrow it down to one picture to post on Instagram, influencers now post a series of similar shots. It creates a streamlined aesthetic on the feed while also giving you the option to post the other good photos that wouldn't usually make it onto the 'gram.


What do you think of these new Instagram trends? Let us know in the comments.

Feature image: Instagram/@edielibertyrose