"I'm a very sexual person." Why this model's latest photo has her followers divided.


A model in the UK posed topless in front of a war memorial and the people are… confused.

Singer and Instagram model Lauren Henson posted two photos on Instagram clutching her breasts standing in front of a list of fallen World War I soldiers on a plaque titled ‘The Glorious Dead 1914-1919′.

After receiving mixed comments for the first image, Henson, who once sang in front of the Queen, posted a second image with a caption defending her choice and assuring her followers she meant no offence.

“I live in the free world they created and here I am, embracing my body and being free,” part of the caption read, in reference to the soldiers listed on the memorial.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun, Henson said, “I’m a very sexual person and the image was a way of me expressing myself, fighting for my freedom as these war heroes fought for our freedom.”

“I’m pretty sure those boys that gave their lives for this country would enjoy a casual bit of side boob.”

While on one hand, we admire her body positivity and respect her backing herself and her choice, some Instagram users seemed to think posing half-naked in front a memorial for soldiers who died at war felt a bit, um, off.

Several jumped in the comments to voice their opinions.

“Pretty bad taste in front of a memorial for war dead,” one user wrote.

“Posing practically naked in front of a memorial to the thousands that died horrifically in pain, anguish and vain, is one of those things that is not ok,” said another.


Of course, among the criticism were words of support, with one user commenting “Most of the dead were 19-25 year old guys, who hadn’t seen a girl in years. I’m sure they would have loved your tribute. I’m a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, and I appreciate your message”, while another said: “Get it girl!! Those soldier’s wouldn’t complain one bit ❤️ its a human body, while some people are shy with theirs, the people who are not inspire them!!”

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