Instagram has just made a big change to the way you can post photos.

It happens all the time. You’ve taken several great, yet slightly different photos of the same thing. “Damn”, you sigh, knowing you can’t possibly put all ten snaps up and clog everyone’s feed.

Or can you?

Rejoice. Instagram has just solved this common dilemma, by introducing a feature which, according to tech website The Verge, was first reserved solely for advertisers.

Now, all Instagram users can put up multiple photos in the one post, creating a “gallery” that followers can swipe horizontally through.

With just one post you can share up to 10 photos that your friends can choose (or not) to swipe through.

With this new feature you might show off all your man-repelling outfits. Mamamia Out Loud discuss the Instagram account they love. Post continues… 

The Verge reported earlier this month that this feature was hinted in an Android beta update.

But now it’s here. And you can chose to apply the same filter to all of the posts, or apply them individually (or not at all, because it’s 2017 now people) and then post as a single gallery.

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To get the new feature, simply download the Instagram app’s latest update.

We’re already getting excited about the possibilities of this new feature… especially being able to give our beautiful breakfast the photoshoot treatment it deserves and show off that smashed avo on toast from EVERY angle.

But seriously, get ready for a lot of multiple-pose selfies.