Suspend your disbelief: Instagram's new functionality is actually brilliant.

Get ready to ‘gram your lunch… FROM NINE DIFFERENT ANGLES.

Instagram has launched a new app allowing users to create collages, instantly.

Social media sceptics out there may well question the necessity of posting up to nine images simultaneously, but you know what? It rules.

As the primary school student in each of us will agree, collages are fun. They are expressive, emotive, informative. In fact, they are the perfect tool for any budding narcissist social media storyteller.

I took the liberty of downloading the new “Layout” app and giving it a whirl. And I’ll tell you want, I am expecting to rake in the likes.

Here’s what a managed to put together with the pictures already in my phone. I guarantee you’ll be impressed.

1. A collection of selfies from the past 2 years.

2. Pictorial references from The Simpsons I like to draw on.

3. Selfies I’ve sent to my ex-boyfriend.

4. Pictures of the two cavoodles in my life.

5. Miscellaneous.

Inspired? Go forth and unleash your #creativity. Get ready to see these impeccably curated gems and more in your newsfeeds.

Thanks, Instagram (love @joface1).