Instagram has banned the hashtag #curvy but allows #bitch and #dildo. Um?

#deepthroater is apparently fine, though.

Honestly, this is just so damn nonsensical.

For some reason, Instagram has banned the hashtag #curvy.

When pressed on the issue by various news outlets, they released a statement, indicating that the ban was essential because of perverts using it to look for naughty porn stuff. Via Buzzfeed:

“A spokesperson from Instagram said the hashtag #curvy is not searchable because, according to the company, it was being used to share images and videos that violated Instagram’s community guidelines around nudity.”

Riiiiight. So #curvy has basically been banned because of it’s potential to be offensive.

Here are some hashtags that are allowed on Instagram, which apparently pale in comparison to the potential inappropriateness of curvy:






Now, here are some images that would generally use the #curvy hashtag. I know this because as a curvy girl myself, I follow heaps of plus-size fashion bloggers and brands and magazines. Their posts on Instagram make me feel good about myself. Not only do they make me feel represented, they make me feel worthy of being represented. These are the kinds of images that often use the #curvy hashtag Instagram just banned:

via @citychiconline
via @tessholiday
via @sonsee_woman
via @eloquii
via @plusmodelmag

These are the bodies we want to see and we need to see.

Non-freaking-sensical. Do better Instagram.