A famous comedian takes down children's beauty pageants.

It’s scary accurate.

You may have heard about funny woman, Amy Schumer – she’s an American comedian, writer, producer and actress. She also hosts and stars in her own sketch comedy TV series, Inside Amy Schumer. 

Each show in her TV series is broken up in to segments where the 33-year-old performs comedy sketches, stand-up, street interviews and longer interviews. In one of her latest episodes, Babies and Bustiers, Schumer rips into child beauty pageants.

It is a flawless impression of children like Honey Boo Boo and an incredibly accurate depiction of child pageant TV series like Toddler’s and Tiaras. Scary accurate.

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The funny actress plays a young pageant contestant called Amy Merryweather Sherman, who is six-years-old. She is competing in the ‘Little Miss Hot as Balls Pageant’ and is much bigger than the rest of the girls. She dons a thick southern American accent and the character is executed to perfection.

Jennifer Coolidge (known from Legally Blonde) plays Sherman’s mother – an outrageous, overbearing mother who depicts the typical ‘pageant mum’ to a tee. And her name, Cleopatricia nails the tone.

Amy Schumer nailed it with Jennifer Coolidge. Image via @amyschumer Instagram.

While the clip is funny - it's also a sad look at the reality of child pageant stars and the pressure they get from their family and the industry.

The humorous parody is actually a take down of the child pageant industry - exposing how ridiculous it is, how awful it is for young girls and how unique the people are who take part. Because while we sit here and laugh at it, it is an insanely accurate representation of real life.

Schumer is a very smart and funny woman - and her depiction of the pageant world is spot on.

What do you think of children's beauty pageants?

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