Take a look inside this millionaire's extravagant weekend-long wedding.

I have three words for you: Extravagant. Russian. Weddings.

They’re a thing, and I like them very much.

Perhaps too much. Of course, I have serious issues with an institution that continues to be more and more intertwined with excessive materialism, objectification of women, and remains, in Australia, completely discriminatory.

But sometimes, on a Friday afternoon, you just want to take a break from fighting against overwhelming social inequalities, and have a peek through over-the-top pictures of a millionaire’s wedding in Moscow. Amirite?!

What’s your biggest wedding regret? Post continues after video. 

SO, here’s the deal. Violetta Nakhimova is the latest bride to throw a lavish wedding at Safisa, the prime venue for high society figures who want to host an unforgettable event.

She arrived to her ceremony on a horse-drawn carriage (obviously).

Part of her groom's head has been cropped to give a more complete look at her dress. #sorrynotsorry. Image via Instagram: alinayartseva.

Nakhimova, who is a prominent Russian fur designer, wore a stunning white gown and full veil, and held a bouquet of white and baby pink flowers. As she walked down the aisle and met her groom, Daniel, guests and professionals photographed the couple in all their over-the-top glory.

YOU ROCK THAT GOWN. Image via Instagram: @pavelvolosov.

After the nuptials, the bride checked out the reception area. Here, she is pictured on her phone, probably frustrated at one of her minions for placing an entree knife too close to a main knife.

'Just know you'll never be employed again. Ever.' Image via Instagram: @anastasiahilch.

Then the bride waltzed around the palace wedding venue having the elaborate tulle of her dress held up by her bridesmaids.

'Take me to my throne.' Image via Instagram: @anastasiahilch.

Until she literally arrived at her throne...

Image via Instagram: @kamillavakhaeva.

Showed her guests her SIX-FOOT-HIGH CAKE.

Image via Instagram: @anastasiahilch.

And danced the night away!

Image via Instagram: _anastasia_.

...Before obviously putting on her second dress for the evening.

It's pink! Image via Instagram: @jules0825.

Ok, I'm done.

It's no surprise there are so many photos of the wedding, given that a total of 500 guests were invited to the celebrations.

The celebrations are made even more impressive by the fact that it was all planned in only FOUR MONTHS. And the wedding reportedly went over two days.

Ahh. Now that I've successfully immersed myself in the life of the stylish and lavish Violetta Nakhimova, I had better return to my normal life. Which looks absolutely nothing like her's.