What Ingrid Poulson survived is unimaginable...

Ingrid Poulson

It’s funny how the universe can send people your way. Years ago, back in 2003, I remember hearing news coverage about a crime that made me gasp, it was so horrific.

I quickly flicked the radio station, changed the TV channel or flicked over the story in the newspaper whenever it came up. I just couldn’t bear to go there.

At the time, I remember thinking, “If I can’t even think about it, how on earth can that poor woman survive it” and then I plunged my fingers back into my ears and shut my eyes tight.

A few years later, I turned on the radio to hear a beautiful sounding voice talking calmly about a book she’d just written about how her life changed forever one day. It was her and flicked the station again. Then, a few weeks ago I was speaking at a conference in Wollongong.

I arrived too late to hear the morning speakers but I did get to meet them during lunch. There was one woman who had the most amazing presence. You know those people who have an energy? Hers just radiated calm and serenity.

I asked someone who she was because her name – Ingrid Poulson – was familiar. You may also remember the name. It was her – the woman and the story I had been avoiding for almost a decade.

Unbelievably, Ingrid now teaches resilience training and has written a book about learning not just to survive after an unimaginable tragedy but learning – slowly – to find joy in life again.

She is now expecting her third child and I asked her if the pregnancy is bittersweet. She said that yes it was but I cannot even explain to you the depth of her serenity and the magnetism of her energy… was a profoundly humbling experience just to meet Ingrid.

So I invited her to come into Mamamia and sit down with me on the couch to talk. Please don’t be frightened to watch this interview. It’s neither graphic nor distressing. In fact it’s the opposite. Watch and listen to Ingrid speak and you will be deeply moved and greatly inspired. If you can’t watch this now, bookmark it for the weekend, you won’t regret it.

You can get Ingrid’s book, Rise, here. I’m in the middle of reading it and it’s incredible.
You may also like to share this interview with those you know who are – or have – endured great personal hardship. It’s almost impossible not to be uplifted by Ingrid’s story of survival.
UPDATE: Ingrid has now also done a Tedx talk, you can watch it below:

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