Forget pimples. This woman had infected dermal filler squeezed out of her face.

Pimple squeezing and blackhead extraction videos do a booming business on the internet.

Even if they won’t admit it out loud, plenty of people out there get a sick kick from watching sebaceous goop being coaxed out of human skin.

But Dr Pimple Popper might have to watch her back, because it’s now become apparent that squeezing out infected dermal fillers is equally, if not more, gory.

Warning: the following images are not for the weak of stomach. Image: Viral Press, via Metro

Two years after having the fillers injected into her foreheard, Nong Guang noticed something peculiar happening.

"My whole forehead was soft and squidgy when it was touched," she said, according to UK website Metro.

"It hurt a lot and I could move it around under my skin. It left a hole when it was touched."

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It turned out the filler had become infected, so naturally the team at Teeraporn Clinic in Bangkok decided to remove it... through an incision in the 41-year-old's forehead.

Hold onto your hats, friends, because this is seriously graphic.

Ready? LET'S GO:

Oooooof. (Image: Viral Press via Metro)

Want a closer look?

OH DEAR GOD. (Image: Viral Press via Metro)

Oh, SORRY... were you eating?

If you're feeling reckless, you can watch the full footage right here.

In case you're wondering, the filler excavation process was successful, so it was worth the blood and gore.

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