It wasn't Cyrell's fault: There are new developments in the MAFS wine-throwing saga, and more in Celeb in 5.

1. It wasn't Cyrell's fault: There are new developments in the MAFS wine-throwing saga.

So, it looks like there was more to the MAFS wine-throwing saga that we didn't see on TV. 

As you're probably aware, the Married At First Sight all star reunion featured yet another wine throwing incident. This time involving Cyrell Paule and Jessika Power. 

But right before the splash down occurred, Cyrell joked to another constant, Ines Basic about throwing wine on Jess. 

"Maybe you should f*cking do it…I don’t want to condone this behaviour, but she needs it," said Ines. "She needs to come back down to earth."

At that point, a lot of us were a tad confused given Ines and Jess' close friendship. But according to Jess, there was a particular reason that Ines was upset with her that night. 

Speaking about the incident on the So Dramatic! podcast, Jess said, "'That really hurt me because Ines and I were good friends before the show, like before the reunion." 

"I came into the reunion wanting no beef with anyone, if I could make amends with people I would make amends, if I could just move past, I'd move past."


Jess went on to explain that the problem between Ines and her started when Jess went to say hello to contestants Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli. 

"When I went to say hello to Martha and Michael, it was such a warm welcome and a warm hello and then Martha and I broke away to talk about my body shaming post that I put up," said Jess. 

"And Ines came over and she was like 'what are you two f***ing friends now are you?' And I said, 'Babe I just walked through the door like what do you mean?' And she was like 'oh alright whatever' and walks off. And that's why Ines was upset and angry at me... and that's why she didn't stand up for me because she was on Cyrell's side from there."

"We haven't spoken since," Jess continued. She said at the second night that she didn't want to be friends with either me or Martha and we just both said ok because so much energy just goes into it.

Well, there you go. 

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2. In disappointing patriarchal news, Priyanka Chopra was kicked off set for bringing up equal pay.   

Priyanka Chopra has opened up about the time she was asked to leave a film set after she (rightfully) brought up the issue of equal pay. 

During an upcoming episode of the Skimm'd from the Couch podcast, the 38-year-old actress explained that she was told by a film executive that she could "take the paycheck, which was nominal" compared to the men in the cast, or she could leave. 

Producers told Priyanka "There’s so many other girls who will take this opportunity. And, you know, women in movies are interchangeable," she recalled in the podcast.

"I didn’t do anything about it," she added. "I had to work within the system because that's what we're told, that, 'You know, if you want this job… this is the only way'."


She went on to say that hearing conversations that other women in the industry were having helped her eventually learn to stand up for herself. 

"It took almost 15 years for me to get to that place where, you know, I could stand my ground," she said. "It took hearing the conversations from other women banding together to give me the confidence to stand up for myself."

We love to see it. 

3. There’s a new Aussie dating show in the works and it’s flying in suitors from the US, which seems… problematic.

It looks like there's a new dating show coming to Australia for 21-years-and-older singles, because if there's one thing TV doesn't have enough of, it's wannabe influencers pretending they're looking for love love.

We don't know much - aside from the fact it will be bringing Americans to Australia, and that seems like a questionable choice at the moment...

Image: Casting crane. 


The ad reads: "Are you single and looking for love? A US television network is now casting.

“The production will be an inclusive dating experience, that focuses on finding love matches for each of the suitors. We are flying in America’s best-looking singles!”

We had a quick squiz at the application form which includes such questions as: 

"Have you ever appeared nude publicly, on TV, in a video, movie or on the Internet?", and:

"We all have baggage that we carry into relationships… what is your baggage?", which is fun, we guess.

It also asks applicants if they have any issues with leaving the country to film, and we don't know what alternate reality they're living in but international travel right now is... banned?

Anyway, if you're keen to find love (or just want to travel overseas during this questionable time), you can apply for the show over here.

4. Fenty is going on hiatus, so naturally all of Rihanna’s fans are now demanding new music. 

In not-so-good news, Rihanna's iconic fashion brand Fenty's ready-to-wear line is going on an indefinite hiatus, so we'd jump on that while you've still got the chance.

In a statement to Woman's Wear Daily, Rihanna's team said: “Rihanna and LVMH have jointly made the decision to put on hold the ready-to-wear activity, based in Europe, pending better conditions.”

While we're no expert on fashion industry etiquette, a "hold pending better conditions" doesn't sound super hopeful for the line.


Thankfully though, the announcement came with news that the company will be injecting a whole lot of money in her lingerie collection instead. 

Plus, we're really hoping this news will also be followed by her album drop of R9, which is rumoured to be coming any day now.

Whether that's tomorrow or next year is unconfirmed, but a girl can dream.

5. Everything we know about the Britney Spears documentary and where to watch it.

If you've been anywhere near the internet over the past few days, you would have heard people talking about the new Britney Spears documentary. And for good reason.

The tell-all documentary, Framing Britney Spears, delves into the singer's career and life in the spotlight, including her treatment by the media, her 13-year legal conservatorship, and the ever growing #FreeBritney movement.

The documentary was released by The New York Times on February 5 and has already garnered responses from notable celebrities and got the whole world talking about Britney. 

Here's everything you need to know about Framing Britney Spears (and most importantly, where you can watch in Australia).

Image: Getty. 

Who made Framing Britney Spears, and why?


Framing Britney Spears is part of The New York Times Presents series, which has previously covered topics like the coronavirus pandemic and the killing of Breonna Taylor. 

The documentary aims to shine a light on the ongoing legal battle surrounding Britney's 13 year conservatorship, which started when her father Jamie Spears filed for a temporary conservatorship over her estate in 2008, alongside attorney Andrew Wallet.

Last year, her father took over as sole conservator when Wallet stepped aside, effectively giving him control of Spears' estate, plus financial and personal assets.

But the documentary was never originally about that. 

"Originally we pitched it as a look back at media coverage of Britney," the director and producer Samantha Stark told Sky News

"A lot of it when you look at it through a 2020 lens - it was 2020 [when the documentary was made] - it's so appalling, misogynistic, surprising that, you know, late-night hosts are making fun of a teenager's breasts. Would we do that today?"

As the documentary continued filming, Spears' conservatorship became the bigger focus. 

"These court documents dropped where Britney indicated that she didn't want her father in charge of her money anymore. And that was a huge thing."

For everything else we know about the Britney Spears documentary, read our earlier article here.

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